Bloom UnderGround Profile

Bloom UnderGround

Eric zay on guitar and vocals
Shinya Morimoto and Ali Moriizumi : base and vocals
Saito Masahito : drums and vocals
Minoru Nino : audio engineering and resonator
VJ Yabuki ; live visual effects, video and computer graphics

Bloom UnderGround has begun developing a reputation with their heavy, emotional groove sound. Slowly building and only a huge fanbase along the road gathering a collection of Video & Lighting and Computer Graphics that have become part of the shows. much like ‘the Gratetful Dead’ from the 60’s Pink Floyd in the 70’s and the few and far between cult band.

Bloom Underground has built and continues to build a strong fanbase based on their live shows. Truly one of a kine event for a staid, cosmetic society such as you find in the Japanese music industry.
Bloom UnderGound has no use for cosmetics, like the so so called ‘visual bands’, no use for the computer generated aequence & pre-recorded vocals, like most pop artists. What you hear and see on a Bloom UnderGround stage is happening right ther, right no.
It is truly something that has to be experienced, real time.