ubertonik Profile


Formed in January 2018, UberTonik’s members move between Tokyo, LA and Montreal.

The band was formed out of the ashes of other projects the producers were involved in and while they tried to collaborate over the decades, the cost of moving from continent to continent to produce music the way they wanted it produced became prohibitive.  Only recently has this kind of collaboration been possible with the advent of cloud storage and video links to enable the simultaneous work of more than one producer in more than one location.

Peter Hay, the lyricist, spent the greater part of his life in the province of Quebec and most of the lyrical content draws from the quebecois dialect and the street slang of Montreal.
Eric Zay, the primary writer, has spent the greater part of his life in Tokyo.  His work reflects the intense urban environment and the cutting edge aesthetic of the technopolis lifestyle.

The two met while studying music in Boston and started a productive working relationship almost immediately that has continued for 2 decades on and off.  There were plenty of projects outside school during the Boston years and the Ubertonik crew tried not to miss too many parties either.  This tradition of trying to keep one foot in the secular and one foot in the sacred, musically speaking, is one that continues to this day.  

Previous to forming UberTonik both members stayed involved at a professional level with music and this often means that the market chose the projects they were involved in. The commercial output of UberTonik’s members is immense.  Video game music, commercial advertisement music, film, television dance and theater scoring, classical guitar concerts  Traditional music from the Americas, klezmer, classical, American traditional instruments, every conceivable type of popular music from big band to DJ-ing.

EPs :
Audio Manifesto - 2018
Crise d’ Octobre - 2019
Deluxe Royale - 2020
Jeux de Salons - 2021

Singles :
Tellement Sympathetique - 2020
îles de Vérité - 2020
Main en l’air - 2020